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Operational Management of Security Issues

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Incident Response: Preparation is essential – Download the MagIT dedicated E-Guide

Responding to an IT incident is far from trivial. A strict and proven preparation is essential. This can be achieved through several steps described in the  dedicated E-Guide published by the MagIT and also available on their website.

Make cybersecurity an ally of your business (By François Gratiolet, BUSINESS DIGITAL SECURITY)

  In order to ensure that cybersecurity is not perceived as a burden, but rather contributes to the evolution of a corporation, it is essential to align its cybersecurity strategy with its business strategy. In this way, each CISO must have a plan. To achieve this, cybersecurity professionals must...

Prepare for security incidents: Download LeMagIT dedicated E-Guide

  Organisations must be ready to face security incidents. This can be achieved through 7 steps which are listed and described in the dedicated E-Guide published by LeMagIT.

The Constant Evolution of Security Threats and the Need for a Paradigm Shift (By Ramyan Selvam, Juniper Networks)

Upending the traditional perspective on security is just the beginning … At a time when the cloud is proving so crucial, the network is emerging as more important than ever. Unfortunately, its opportunities for free access underlie cyberattacks. This scourge, spurred on by the mobile technology boom, has become one of...
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